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Keen Newport H2 Sandals - For Men & Women


Keen Newport H2 are among highly famous and admired sandals by the Keen. These sandals are the updated version of the Keen Newport with tones of more comfort and performance to offer. These sandals have been made from the premium quality materials which are used to make the hiking shoes and boots of Keen. The stunningly high-tech interior keeps your feet in maximum comfort and the strong exterior delivers durability. The upper is made from the synthetic materials which dries out quickly and it is very durable. The upper has the KEEN Patented Toe Protection which provides you toe protection against accidental bumps. This protection system forms a bumper at the toe area by extending and wrapping the outsole upwards. The outsole has been designed to give you traction of various dry and wet terrains with the multi-directional lugs. This outsole ensures slip free ride on the river bed, trail, street and boat deck. The lining is made from the hydrophobic foam which is very soft and it does not absorbs water and stays dry all the time. The outsole is made from the natural non-marking rubber which is durable, long lasting and reliable. The outsole has the razor sipped pods which enhances the traction by increasing the surface area. The midsole is made from the EVA which is compression molded and highly shock absorbing. The midsole deliver additional comfort on the uneven and rough terrain. The midsole also molds as per the shape of your foot to give you personalized fit. The upper has laces made from the elastic and it has the Cord Lock. This fastening system enables easy, quick and secure fastening and it also allows easy on and off wearing. The upper is made from the nylon which covers the foot to give you excellent comfort and support. The pull on tab enable quick wearing and it has 3M Reflective material which makes these sandals more visible during low light. The footbed has been made from the EVA which is treated with the AntiMicrobial to keep the footbed comfortable and free from moisture and bacteria. It weighs 14 ounces as per size 9. This style can be found in these colors: Medium Grey/ Navy, Daphne/ Midnight Navy, Rust/ India Ink, Gargoyle/ Forest Night, Bombay Brown/ Dark Shadow, Dark Shadow Stripe, Burnt Henna Stripe, Stone Gray/ Black, Deep Lichen/ Black Olive and Black.




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Dave from Vacaville, CA

I have worn Keen's for years and love their comfortable fit. Bought 1/2 size larger than normal due to the reviews but had to send them back and re-order another 1/2 size bigger (one full size larger than my 3 year old pair). They are stylish with the additional color and are my everyday foot ware in the warmer/dry weather. I hate it when the cold/wet weather comes because I only get to wear them indoors. I love 'em

Kurt Michaels from Sacramento, CA

I bought mine to use on a kayaking trip, at the suggestion of a friend who was familiar with "water shoes". Just by coincidence, on the day after I submitted my order I was enjoying a ferry boat ride across San Francisco bay into the City and saw a woman wearing the same shoe I'd just ordered. I asked her about them and she told me she absolutely loved them and wore them everywhere during the summer. This was actually her third pair. I went home thoroughly pleased with my having chosen Keen water shoes. Style-wise, I think the Keen shoes are a cut above most other brands I looked at, and I don't mind wearing them everywhere myself since they arrived.

Richard from Thailand and Hawaii

These are the best shoes I've ever owned. They keep my feet cool in the heat compared to other shoes. they're great for water, oceans, rivers, lakes. Excellent for air travel when my feet start to swell, I just loosen the straps and my feet stay comfortable. I can also wear socks comfortably for cooler weather. As a retiree living in Hawaii and Thailand, they are the only shoes I wear. I now have 4 pairs different colors. Similar types of shoes that I've owned in the past would begin to smell very bad after a few times of getting wet, but not these Keens with their anti-odor base. In my opinion there's no other shoe that can compare. I've told all my friends. They wear them now too!

LPG from Chicago, IL

I have hiked in these shoes on hard and soft trails. I would not hike on uneven terrain though, there is just not enough support. Very comfortable shoe which I have worn all day. At a Boy Scout camp this summer we had a micro-burst storm hit us. The adults put out the fire while the rest of camp was evacuated. We had to run to the shelter in driving rain on flooded trails for about .75 miles. I was amazed with the traction and stability of the shoe in those adverse conditions.

Jeffsurf from Sebastopol, CA

I garden, surf, hike and backpack. Shoes make my feet sweat on hot days if not worn with socks. Great for wet rocks, river, ocean environment. Not so great in sand or garden when moving dirt or potting up plants due to dirt/sand collecting inside shoes. They look good and have good arch support. If I could give half stars I'd call them 3.5 not 4 stars. Good camp shoes on the trail, but not enough ankle support for serious backpacking in rough terrain. Overall I like them in their proper niche. Bungie laces work very well and give broad range of firmness. I wonder about how long they will last(the laces) and catching them on undergrowth.

Manny, an old hiker from Indianapolis, Indiana

These shoes were purchased for a trip to be able to use both for beach-walking and light hiking. They are easy to keep clean, extremely comfortable, with a tall and wide toe box, and they look good too! I am sure that they are good for boat-related activates, but I wear them daily in our hot Indiana Summer and, I expect, I will wear them with socks in the Fall. I did not get my first color preference, so, I guess I'll just have to get a second pair at some point! My wife says that these shoes make me look young and hip too! Something--since we've been married nearly 50 years.

Techsan from Lubbock, TX

I had a pair of Teva Terra Fi 2 sandals for over 10 years till I lost them in the lake recently tubing. Replaced them with a pair of Teva Open-Toachi which started coming apart every where after only a month. I them quickly lost my confidence with Teva sandals so I went with something different (Keen Newport H2). I have been very pleased with them over the past 2 months. I have gone to the beach and mountains during this time in addition to daily wear and they have exceeded my expectations. The closed toe really makes a difference as it keeps out the dirt and rocks much better than an open toe. I am sold on Keen sandals! Get them a size bigger than you normally wear.

Pamela from Portland, OR

I love these shoes! I go camping up near a local river every summer that is filled with big rocks. Not only do you not want to walk around the river with no shoes on, but you also want something that's going to protect your feet more than flip flops. These shoes are great for navigating around the rocks, the river, and walking to and from the river. The only down fall is that small rocks can get between the bottom of your foot and the sole, but big deal, right? And it does take them a little bit longer to dry than, say, a flip flop...however, I prefer the protection that my toes are getting now. With the super reinforced toe in these shoes, I never worry about hurting my feet on a rock anymore. I highly recommend these shoes! I know they are a bit expensive, but it's worth it!


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